Came... technology becomes ART

WORK no.1

“Coloured pigment comes out of the tubular motors and blends with the matter, unveiling its unique craftsmanlike nature”.
Unique work for Came.

Andrea Pezzile

From matter to art, from the movement to the artist's creative hand.
It is in this way that inspiration and technology, inner flair and advanced engineering work come together. And joining the gushing coloured pigment, fixing themselves forever to the painting, to its imaginary spaces of composition, they become the absolute expression of harmony and beauty, a vital source of creativity, uniqueness and craftsmanship. The ideal combination, a brand new language created to speak to a susceptible, attentive public, made up of architects, interior designers and planners. Professionals specialised in beauty who choose to focus on a demanding, intimately esthete target, lovers of design and quality, taste and Italian know-how.

For the first time, thanks to ART by Came and Andrea Pezzile's creative flair, automation becomes art. And resonates in the soul.

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