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100% wireless innovative security system

Ermet is the radio control unit of the Hei system that features the main devices that characterise an ergonomic intruder alarm system: touch-sensitive keypad, telephone dialler, integrated siren and convenient electronic key reader.

Came intruder alarm products offer a perfect combination of reliability and ease of use, while the Hei system proposes the most innovative control features that make the intruder alarm system an essential part of any cutting-edge home automation system.
Ermet’s flawless design keeps the style of your home intact as it fits in with all ambiances. The system offers peace of mind and constant home security in a discreet manner.

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Latest generation system

Radio communication allows for installation of all system devices without masonry works.

Voice messages guide the user through alarm system use and control.

The control unit dials a series of pre-set telephone numbers in case of alarm. The user can dial the control unit to gain remote control of the entire system.

The control unit sends alerts and receives commands via GSM network.

Control and management from all smartphones and tablets.

Perfect integration with the Hei home automation system.

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