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Operators for garage doors

Comfort is automatic

Enter your garage in comfort: with the range of gearmotors for overhead or sectional doors, any idea of ​​comfort becomes automatic. Easier done that said! Forget the inconvenience of having to get out of the car, forget dark, underground car parks, the effort of opening heavy gates. Everything becomes more simple, spontaneous and immediate and responds to your command with maximum control and security.


So many solutions, just one that is ideal for you

Designed and built to move any type of door, Came operators for overhead and sectional doors are perfect for both new builds and existing ones where there are no appropriate configurations. Choosing the solution that best suits your needs in terms of dimensions and functionality, you can automate the gate with no additional costs or complicated structural changes. The result? Making the most of the environment into which the gearmotor is inserted, excellent technical performance of the system ensuring your every move provides maximum wellbeing and ease of use at home.


Before deciding, you need to know that...

Garage doors for residential use are generally divided into two categories: overhead and sectional. The first are composed of a single body: when opened, if they protrude outside of the garage, they are defined as partially retracting.

On the contrary, if they do not protrude, they are known as fully retracting. Sectional doors, on the other hand, consist of hinged horizontal panels that slide on rails: when opening, they move upwards, parallel to the ceiling, without protruding either inside or outside. In this way, they leave the space inside and outside the garage completely free.

The operator must be chosen according to the type and dimensions of the door. In the case of a fully retracting overhead door, it is useful to know whether, during the opening movement, it protrudes outwardly (overhanging).


CAUTION: When choosing the operator and to ensure precise installation, it is essential to check the available space above the main garage door beam.









Sectional door?
Overhead door for residential use?

Came responds with VER, the “pull-down” solution that opens the door to convenience, versatility and safety. Powerful and compact, as easy to use as a household appliance, it is installed quickly, without special building works. The belt and chain sliding rails are extremely quite and reliable. The sophisticated encoder-based electronics ensures continuous control of the movement for maximum safety.

Heavier overhead door?

With a beautiful, modern design, EMEGA40 blends in seamlessly with the style of your garage door. Designed for medium and large overhead doors - made from wood, coated or insulated - this is the ideal solution for condominiums and public environments, even where intensive use is required. In the case of particularly heavy doors, two motors of the same model can be applied.




Benefits that become solutions

All Came operators for sliding gates have “smart” technical characteristics,
designed to simplify your life and ensure total control of your system,
whatever the living environment.


Contemporary design,
zero invasiveness, absolute adaptability to the aesthetics of your fixture.


The handy courtesy light built into the motor unit improves visibility in the garage, making the access manoeuvre easier. It turns on and off automatically every time the door is opened.


The external cord-pull release, which is present in all models and can be affixed to the handle/lock system on garage doors, allows manual opening of the overhead door.

For maximum efficiency, even where use is intensive, Came has created gearmotors with 24 V DC operation. This ensures constant operation, even in the event of power failures.


All operators for overhead and sectional doors are tested in accordance with the parameters set by European standards: in this way you are sure of a safe system, easily certifiable by the installer, but especially in legal terms.


Customise the comfort, functionality and ease of use of your gate: you can choose from several models of remote control and multiple safety accessories, all perfectly suitable for mixing and matching. Tailored to your needs.