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FAQs: awnings

Why automate awnings?

Safety, ease of use, comfort, energy savings, privacy are some of the benefits that automation can give you when it comes to windows and doors for your home. Moreover, thanks to the linearity and precision of movement, your awning remains intact over time.

What kind of awning can be automated?

Came proposes motors and accessories for powering most of the awnings on the market up to 5 meters of extension.

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What is the difference between a wired control system and a radio one?

The main difference is the connection between the control devices and receivers: hard-wired units are cable connected. Radio systems use the transmission of radio waves to communicate.

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What are the possible ways to automate my awning?

You must size the automation according to the needs and characteristics of the awning, such as the dimensions, projection and the number of arms that support it. Ask our authorised installers for advice.

I would like to be able to control the awning via radio. How can I do this?

The motors must be equipped with a receiver, internal or external.

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I have an old awning, can I automate it?

Certainly, using suitable accessories and components.

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Can I use the awning transmitter to open the gate?

The transmitter for the awnings is compatible with Came TAM technology for which you can control the operators equipped with this technology.

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Can I partially open the awning?

The movement of the awning may be stopped at any point you want, either manually or automatically by setting a preferred intermediate point (option on some electronic models).

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