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Operators for awnings and shutters

Comfort is automatic

Life at home in total comfort, raising or lowering the shutters from a distance, but also regulating the protection of awnings with a simple touch. Discover the complete range of operators for awnings, shutters and blinds. Everything becomes more spontaneous, convenient and immediate, with maximum control and safety.


Under the sun, total control and energy savings

Keep the ideal temperature inside your house, protecting it from the elements. With solutions designed by Came for automating shutters, awnings and blinds, you can program the opening and closing of each device even when you are not at home, safely and with a significant reduction in air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter.


Before deciding, you need to know that...

Gearmotors for awnings and shutters are placed inside a tube around which will the roller shutter or awning fabric is wound. The motor is easy to affix, on new or existing structures.

The operator is powered by electricity, therefore, in the case of new constructions, it is advisable to arrange the electrical connections for shutters and/or awnings.


Electric awnings

Came operators can be applied to any type of awning: with extendable arms, in boxes, on verandas. The extremely smooth and precise movement preserves the structure of the fabric and the system from wear and the elements.

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Automated shutters

Robust, reliable and quick to install in all situations, these can be used to adjust the opening, lowering and winding of the shutter in a fully automatic way. Discover the full range of mechanical motors.

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Blinds in action

That touch of modernity no environment can manage without, from offices to residential environments. The blind systems represent the most contemporary form of interior design, where the functionality of solar protection is enhanced by the pleasant aesthetics of the furnishings!

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If you need to automate an awning...


Awnings with arms

Can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. To choose the most suitable operator, it is essential to know the diameter of the roller around which the awning is to be wound, the measurement of the awning protrusion and the number of arms on the structure.

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Boxed awnings

These preserve the fabric better, maintaining the architectural context into which they are inserted. When the awning is closed, the box protects the mechanical parts, the motorisations and the fabric.

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Models for verandas

These are medium to large covers, designed to protect outdoor garden areas or attics. These awnings slide along side rails or metal structures that turn outdoor areas into places to experience all year round.

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Benefits that become solutions

Solutions with “smart” technical characteristics, designed to simplify your life and ensure total control of your system, whatever the living environment.


  • Do you want to make sure that all your shutters are closed before going out? No problem: choose VIVALDI, the selector that is also available with a programmable clock to close and open shutters.


  • Long live your awnings: weather devices adjust or close the awnings promptly when the BACH KLT and STRAUSS sensors detect strong wind or rain. In this way, there is no risk of damaging the awnings, which will therefore last longer.


  • If a vase of flowers is left on the windowsill, special sensors will immediately detect the presence and the control unit will automatically stop the shutter, making it possible to remove the obstacle and repeat the manoeuvre. This solution is available with the ENSOR SH5 and KLIMT SH5 electronic motors.


  • Do you want more security against break-ins? Your automated shutters can be equipped with an exclusive locking system that prevents them from being raised from the bottom unless activated by the motor.


  • Customise the comfort, functionality and ease of use of your operators: the range of products dedicated to automating shutters, awnings and blinds meets the multiple demands of the market and is completed with a dedicated line of accessories: control and programming devices, all perfectly integrated with each other. Tailored to your needs.