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The versatile solution for industrial doors

Cbx is particularly suitable for sectional doors with “direct drive” transmission. Also suitable for motorising all types of industrial, sliding and folding doors up to 11 m in height.


The range

The Cbx range, with its 230 V, 24 V and 230-400 V models, also offers innovative combinations in the management of access points for condominium and residential use.


No limitation of use

  • obstacle detection, even when the motor is not moving, and precise adjustment of the slowdown and end run points

  • digital function programming with display

  • thrust reduction during opening and closing (adjustable)

  • programming of differentiated command functions (e.g. opening with automatic command/closing with hold-to-run command)

  • self-diagnosis complete with all the safety devices connected

  • management and control of entries: up to 250 users


All the benefits of three-phase

  • greater thrust during the initial stage of the manoeuvre

  • guaranteed operation even in the harshest conditions of use such as industrial applications

  • control of inertia due to the weight of the fixture