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Technology makes an entrance

Sipario is the operator for automatic sliding doors with leaves weighing up to 100 kg. The ideal operator, from a single application to large commercial or service solutions.


Technology in 10 cm

The profile of the beam is just 10 cm. A refined, intelligently-engineered system which adapts to the most diverse conditions of use and brings you superior applicative flexibility. Also available with electric anti-panic device.



Encoder motor: movement management even with intensive use

function selector: wired or wireless, for ideal function management: double direction, single direction, door locked open, door locked closed, partial leaf opening, “chemist's” mode (limited opening and mechanical door lock)

“clock” module: timed function control using daily timer (optional)

dedicated connection: for proximity reader and digital keypads (max. 25 users)

radio control: up to 8 automatic doors with just one transmitter or via digital radio keypad (max. 25 users)

mechanical release lever: always to hand, built into the load-bearing profile, to facilitate installation and door release in an emergency


Dedicated profiles

A wide range of aluminium profiles available in stock for the construction of framed and glass leaves.


The electronics that communicates

  • built-in USB connection in the function selector lets you download and upload the operator settings

  • wireless programming with the control selector


The benefits of 24 V electronics

speed under control. According to requirements, the electronics is able to adjust the speed of manoeuvre

intensive use. The low voltage gearmotor ensures ideal operation of the barrier in conditions of intensive use

obstacle detection. A special electronic circuit constantly analyses regular leaf operation, either stopping or reversing the movement, when coming into contact with any obstacles