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1. A single contact

The advantage of a single contact offers customers an irreplaceable system guarantee, which covers all stages of development of the project, from initial consultancy to the assistance service.

4. Initial consultancy during the in-branch design stage

For total system conformity with European standards, we offer a consultancy service at our branch offices and help your technical division in the compilation of the necessary documentation.


2. Customised solution design through the distribution network

For us, each project is special because it is tailored to the customer's needs, in terms of both design and implementation, thanks to customised local assistance through a widespread distribution network.

5. Pre- and post-sales technical and commercial assistance

Authorised Came installation technicians are immediately available for any final calibration and maintenance that may be required on the system or on individual operators.


3. Cutting-edge logistics service

Came's logistics centre, one of the most advanced in Italy, ensures that not only are all Came products and original spare parts supplied efficiently and immediately, but also that supply quality and customer service are optimised.

6. Meetings and training seminars

Came Service Italia also helps customers in training human resources through refresher courses and seminars dedicated to analysing the directives and requirements for compliance of the automatic systems with European standards.