Came’s President speaks about the growth of his company in the UAE market | CAME
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Came’s President speaks about the growth of his company in the UAE market

Dubai - Came, a company of the Came Group, based in Dosson di Casier, Treviso, Italy, has bolstered its presence in the UAE to cater to increased Middle East activity.

An acclaimed leader in home and building automation manufacturing, Came has also diversified into security solutions for residential and business facilities.

“We are a proud Italian firm that specialises in home-automation, urban-planning and high-security sectors by offering integrated solutions for regulating and monitoring people flows and access points. For us passion and commitment work together with customer relationship,” Paolo Menuzzo, President of Came Group.

Making technology the focal point of its business, Came Group is involved in making solutions for parking facilities and access-points for large public spaces, city squares and streets. Operating in over 118 countries through its 480 branches and licensed dealers, the group has strengthened its presence across several sectors.

“A few years ago we acquired Bpt, a company specialised in home-automation technology, security and LED lighting — sectors in which Came has consolidated its presence,” noted Andrea Menuzzo, CEO of the Came Group.

Apart from Bpt (which is an established name in video entry systems, thermostatic temperature control and burglar alarm security systems) Came Group has major brands like Urbaco and Parkare under its umbrella.

While Urbaco is a major player in access control, urban planning, automated management of traffic flows, street security, high-security solutions and protection of sensitive facilities, Parkare specialises in parking technology and parking meters.

“We acquired the Barcelona-based Parkare in 2014. The company is reputed for its consolidated parking-system automation. Came shares a solid technical expertise and intense R&D activities that Parkare is famed for,” Andrea added.

Came has recently entered into a partnership with Expo Milano 2015. “Came is one of Expo 2015’s technological partners with a mandate to make cutting-edge access-control model for surveillance, control and monitoring of all devices and operators fitted at vehicle and pedestrian access points at the expo ground’s parking facilities, the pavilions and other infrastructures, so as to regulate the entry of staff and visitors. In the wake of recent terror attacks in Europe, we are confident of delivering a safe Expo 2015,” Paolo Menuzzo said.

Confident that its UAE operations will bring in more excellence in the field of systems for large-scale collective environments, city management and public spaces, Came Gulf has pledged to continue offering world class integrated solutions like automation systems for homes, workplaces and the city.

“Our firm started off in the 1970s as an entrepreneurial project, when the president, Paolo Menuzzo, founded CM Costruzioni Meccaniche, (that subsequently became Came Cancelli Automatici) one of the first companies in Italy to manufacture gate operators. As our residential and business door and gate operations grew, we started new product lines for managing and controlling collective spaces. Since 2005 Came has grown its footprint across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia,” Andrea informed.

The group wants its ties with the UAE to grow further. “We have an excellent relationship with the UAE. I have been coming here for the last 25 years. Italy and the UAE complement each other in terms of vision and values. It is very important to build steps for a better future and keep the passion intact,” concluded Paolo Menuzzo