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Parking Solutions




Automatic modular vandal-proof pay station suitable for installations with high payment flows. Customisable management software and self-service payment with notes, coins or credit cards.
“Native” ETHERNET. This advanced system management offers the opportunity to configure an unlimited number of peripherals such as automatic pay stations, entry and exit units, openings for permit holders, pedestrian readers and manned pay stations. All these devices, connected to the Ethernet network with universal TCP/IP protocol, are managed via a central server, which allows the connection of an almost infinite number of devices. A modular solution, designed especially to satisfy the typical requirements of small, medium and large automated parking facilities.



Automatic pay station

Highly resistant painted steel modular automatic pay station. User interface that allows management of major types of payment by currency of the various States of installation, both with coins and banknotes. The automatic pay station can be equipped with coin and banknote change-giver, both self-loading. In addition, all international debit/credit cards may be used for the payment.

Manual pay station

Manual pay station composed of PC with 15" touchscreen monitor.

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Entry and exit units

Entry and exit units for the automatic management of entries and exits by both occasional users and permit holders. Complete management software via Ethernet and ARM microprocessor able to manage all the peripherals inside the device.

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Central server and management software

Fully web-based software to manage all the entry and exit devices. Memorisation of all the events in a relational database. All query and statistics functions can be viewed via the connected web clients. Free number of clients. Management, even remotely, of the entry and exit access points and the VoIP intercom system.

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